Battle: Los Angeles

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June 28, 2012 by canadianjimbo

Battle: Los Angeles

Developed by Live Action Studios

Released 2011

More of an advertisement for the movie than anything mixed with a bit of poorly done Call of Duty shooter action. Don’t get me wrong this thing looks great for an XBLA title but the gameplay is lacking. You shot aliens. Mostly with your assault rifle, sometimes with your sniper rifle, sometimes you throw a grenade, occasionally you use a LAW rocket or jump in a HUMVEES turret. The storyline follows the movie to a fault, so mostly you fight the invaders infantry, those flying drones and walking tanks occasionally show up, but are piss easy to put down. Aliens invade Los Angeles, Marines called in, things go boom.  I managed to beat this game in about 45 minutes so yikes.

Really there’s not much to say about the game other than its insubstantial, too short and just made me think of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Watch the movie don’t play the “game”*

*I use the term game lightly. This is really more of an interactive trailer or commercial…one which you have to pay to see.


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