Blackstone Part 1

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June 28, 2012 by canadianjimbo

Blackstone Part 1

Developed by Battenberg Software

Released 2011

Ebenezer, a mysterious sorcerer has stolen the Blackstone from its guardian Rose and kidnapped the inhabitants of the surrounding village, all except Kate, who upon awakening must set off to find out what has become of her friends…

Xbox Live Indie Games claims this is an RPG. All lies. This is an Adventure game. One in a world filled with very mannish looking women. The story (supposedly the first part of a trilogy…good luck with that) is paper thin, voice acting is horrible and sounds like it was recorded in someone’s bedroom well trying not to wake the roommates. The environments are uninteresting and bland. The puzzles however do provide some challenge. Seeing as you could beat this in one sitting and its only 80 Microsoft Points it might be worth a look if puzzles are your thing. Really though it’s not very satisfying.


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