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March 22, 2013 by canadianjimbo

Guardians of the North



Released: 2012

Directed By: Timothy R. Martin

Written By: Timothy R. Martin

Starring: Bianca Holland, Amanda Beck, Marcus Jordan, Miguel de la Rosa, Isle Gallagher

Brought to Earth by a meteor,an alien parasite infects the manager of a Florida night club. Trapped in the club the remaining bartenders and bouncers must find a way to survive the alien menace that seeks to infect them one by one…

…and that’s your plot summary. Basic, but workable. Hell it’s been used so often because it’s so durable, especially for low-budget productions of which this certainly is. Unfortunately you can’t expect the formula to do all the work in your film, your script has to be descent, characters believable, and I need to see what the hell’s going on.

What could have been a descent creature feature is let down by its script, which needs a few more rewrites. None of these characters…

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